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Chairman & CEO David Seelinger | Induction into Chauffeur Driven Hall of Fame

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Photo by: Andreas Rønningen @Unsplash

The ChauffeurDriven Show is historically one of the best shows in the ground transportation industry. Every CD show provides a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities for all who attend.

This year, however, was one of the most impactful events of the year as Chauffeur Driven for the first time EVER; introduced a new tradition to the show—The Chauffeur Driven Hall of Fame.

The Chauffeur Driven Hall of Fame was created in an effort to showcase a few amazing unsung heroes in the industry and as well as recognize these individuals for the selfless work they’ve done throughout the years to better the industry.

For the inaugural event, Chauffeur Driven honored Chairman & CEO David Seelinger alongside a group of other true luxury ground transportation trailblazers, including Sam Amato of Gateway Global, Barbara Chirico of GEM Limousine, Ed Grech of Grech Motors, George Jacobs of Windy City Limousine & Bus, and Dawson Rutter of Commonwealth Worldwide.

The Chauffeur Driven Hall of Fame celebrated the professional accomplishments of David and his fellow Inductees as well as the influence they’ve had on the industry at-large.

"It takes a strong leader to admit when something isn’t working and to be nimble enough to find a way to improve, especially when spearheading one of the largest companies in the industry, but that’s the type of person that Sonny Teganoer, I mean David Seelinger—is. David posed as Sonny on the TV show Undercover Boss in 2015, an illuminating and humbling process that exposed him (and the world) to the inner workings of EmpireCLS, but one that ultimately helped him better connect with his employees. Always a champion of his loyal team, David has taken EmpireCLS from a local New Jersey company to a highly respected bicoastal operation, in part to honor the memory of his late business partner and mentor, Alan Lehrer. As the figurehead of the company since 1990, David has been open about overcoming his personal obstacles and grateful for a second chance. He was also one of the founding members of Advocacy for Fairness in Transportation, which was created to stem to tide of TNCs. While he’s built an empire at work—literally—he’s just dad at home to his girls Dakota and Madison. We are proud to induct David Seelinger into our Hall of Fame." - Introduction for David @2019 CDNLA

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