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LAX-IT Update


Special Update for our Clients:

Last week, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) publicly announced in a news release

its traffic diminishing project, “LAX-IT”. Designed with airport traffic in mind, LAX-it is an

area for guests to pick up a taxi or rideshare service. Set to go-live end of October 2019,

LAX-IT will be non-disruptive to those experiencing the chauffeuring services of


What does this mean?

Though EmpireCLS travelers will remain unbothered; LAX-IT guests will have to WALK

or SHUTTLE to this area in order to use a rideshare app or taxi service. This update will

not hinder the EmpireCLS Experience.

Rest assured the LAX-IT update DOES NOT affect EmpireCLS clients. Our chauffeurs

will continue to meet our guests inside at baggage claim. If you prefer us to meet

you curbside, that is ok too. We are still permitted to pick up curbside as the LAX-IT

changes do not pertain to our company.

If you have any questions, please contact

Safe Travels

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